Interruption Marketing

There are two typical responses to interruptions posed by marketer driven media messages. One, in most cases, is to ignore, and the second is to be irritated by the interruption which may even lead to anger. In India, the second possibility is generally seen during cricket matches where, when the last ball of an over is bowled, without waiting for a replay the transmission cuts to a commercial.

Interruptions are never effective. Permissions ensure greater receptivity to the message. The number of marketer driven media messages that consumers are subject to, are on the rise in India.

Tim Manners writing in the FC magazine, says, 'As a marketer: network. Help people. Advise. Create value and add to the conversation.

Nobody has really figured out how to do that yet. But it's worth considering the possibility that smart marketers won't even attempt to be part of the conversation, much less interrupt it. It could be that the real marketing potential of online social networks is listening, not talking.

The point is, if we're not helping people live better lives, we are not helping ourselves. If all we are doing is interrupting people who don't have time for interruptions, we can't expect their attention. If all we are doing is annoying people who have zero tolerance for annoyance, we can't earn their trust.

If all we are doing is pelting people with endlessly irrelevant messages, we can't claim their loyalty. And if we can't claim their loyalty, we don't have a prayer of a positive return-on-investment.'

Read his complete article here.


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