Search Engines & Perceptions

Hasta's note on Guruji, the Indian Search Engine pointed out how Guruji aims at being the best when it comes to India centric searches.

Of course, that's truly a possibility. But what still needs to be noted is the power of perceptions that dictate purchase or use, maybe not in all cases, but surely for the first purchase/use.

All first purchase/use is based on perceptions. No consumer ever knows for sure what value would he/she would get on consumption or usage. The same applies to Search engines too. Perceptions about 'relevant quality searches' are for the moment loaded heavily in Google's favour. These perceptions have partly been built by the fact that Google returns maximum number of results and takes minimal time. This may not be relevant to user as Hasta pointed out, but still is potent enough to drive perceptions about Google's supremacy.

As the risk of usage of a new search engine is non existent for any user, Guruji would be tried by users when it comes to Indo-centric searches. Guruji's communication campaign has surely lured users to give it a try. Guruji then must jusitfy the faith reposed in it by users by giving them better qualitative results. If it does, Guruji has a bright future ahead of it. If the user is disappointed, then its back to Google.

Here's wishing Guruji all the best.


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