Gossip over truth, perceptions over reality

Sure, people tend to believe gossip over truth, even if they have evidence to the contrary. Just as perceptions tend to dictate our judgements over reality.

Most of this is applicable when decision making is effected within constraints of time. So the next time around when you come out of an interview room and know that you have not been selected, its not who you are that's done you in, its what they perceived you to be.

When it comes to information, the grapevine is trusted over formal channels, as the credibility of the grapevine is perceived to be greater, because the information supplier in the case of the grapevine is an entity, receivers are positively predisposed to.

Lesson for marketeers? Talk less about your products and services. Let users do the talking and do everything possible to ensure they are delighted with your product or service and so end up doing the 'right' talking.

Ensures sales.


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