Rationalising Emotions

As human beings we are frequently 'victims' and 'creatures' of our own emotions. At times, emotional surges dictate our consumption patterns too. To try and limit our susceptibility to emotions is almost impossible. If we could and did keep our emotions in check forever, we would no longer be humans, instead turn into mere machines.

This is exactly the reason why 'advice' on managing our selves seldom work. Take for example what we are supposed to do when faced with situations that challenge our own worth or esteem. We are told to be calm, not take the insult personally, not to whine..... to consider the effects of any retorts we plan on would have... and so on.

If this were that easy, we would have had absolutely no conflicts around. The Utopian world that the liberals see would be so much of a reality. On a different note, we would never have had people letting their emotions run riot, going crazy/emotional/loony over their favourite movie stars.

But then, that's not the way it is. Sure Self-help books will thrive, buyers would read them in droves. But nothing would actually change. Status Quo will be maintained. Emotions will at times take over. We will, as always be emotional. Thank god for that, at least we would have an imperfect yet exciting world around us. And marketers wouldn't be out of jobs.


sweta sharma said…

Very much appealing towards reality of human emotions , probably one of the way of describing human emotions.I would say a true defination of EMOTION is given here...I really appreciate this ...

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