Tata Tea's rebranding lure & why it won't work

Tata Tea's re-branding campaign to woo back youngsters into the 'tea fold' is misplaced. Simply because their premise is based on the belief that youngsters have abandoned tea for coffee.

Not so. Take a look at any Cafe Coffee Day outlet around you and you would find that the kids who frequent the outlet don't do so just for the coffee, in fact coffee is just incidental. They come in for the 'bonding' or in other words, 'to socialise'. And they find that drinking a cup of cappuccino with all the 'style' that goes with the act is quite appealing, while in the process of bonding.

Creating a social responsibility oriented website or using Sania Mirza will do nothing to get the 'tea lure' going. To get the kids back, make tea a 'fashion indulgence' for kids who wanna bond on a settee.


Sandy said…
Coffee around the world has been used as a bonding mechanism,not just amongst kids.Its also become fashionable to meet business aquaintances over a cup of coffee.Coffee has become very much part of our daily life and to try and disturb that equilibrium ain't a good idea.
I agree with you when you say that probably Tata's should make tea a fashionable thingy, but how feasible is it to change that "frame of refrence"..I am not sure..

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