Where's the pulp, where's the taste?

Finally, the lure of a 'promo' got me to buy 'Orange Pulpy' for the first time. It was being sold at a price of Rs. 57 to a bottle (normal price, Rs. 60/1 litre bottle) with another 1 litre bottle of Orange pulpy thrown in, free.

The price was perfect value for for money. But the real problem turned out to be the taste. Sure the orange drink had a lot of pulp, but it fell flat as the orange liquid was too thin (dilute) for my comfort. Now I don't inted to predict the obituary of this drink, but something tells me that on a comparison in terms of taste, Orange pulpy is too weak to compete with the likes of Tropicana Orange or for that matter the other orange tetra pak drinks in the Indian market.

Someone needs to tell Coca Cola India that its not about the pulp, its about the taste and the pulp's doing it no good.


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