Word of Mouth Marketing

I had earlier posted on why 'grapevines' tend to be stronger than formal communiques. The credibility that grapevines or 'word-of-mouths' carry pose tremendous opportunities for marketers to leverage.

In, 'Grapevine - The new art of Word-of-Mouth Marketing', Dave Balter and John Butman have described how the 'power of grapevine' can be leveraged. In a nutshell their book is about -
  • why people talk about products and services, and all people really do.
  • how WOM is fundamentally different from other alternative forms of marketing
  • how WOM proliferates in unpredictable ways
  • why there are limited WOM windows
  • the fact that WOM is product storytelling
  • the fact that WOM does not have to be positive to be good.
  • why WOM is the basis for a new approach to marketing


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