Emu Curry

From the Outlook: Move over chicken curry and mutton bhuna. The emu may soon hit our dining tables in a big way. This large bird of Australian origin, which offers the fat-free, healthful qualities of white meat and the flavoursome taste of red meat, is proliferating in emu breeding centres in Tamil Nadu, AP, Goa, Maharashtra, even Orissa and MP.

The emu is a hardy bird that survives all climates—whether it is farmed in Australia, the US, China or India. With feed costing Rs 12 a kg, the emu costs Rs 3,000 per year as opposed to turkey which weighs less but eats more. But unlike China, where breeding is well-organised and the emu is ubiquitous—as meat on the table, as oil with curative properties, as shoes/handbags in hi-fashion stores—India's emu industry is still in its infancy. With nabard giving loans, emu farmers should have it better.


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