Colgate Palmolive India has no idea about 'viral' initiatives. If they did, their animated video, called ‘Attack of the Germosaurus' wouldn't have had a total of 120 views (for now) on YouTube.

I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would want to talk about a video that shows an imagined future in 3000 AD, with the Germosaurus species (resembles King Kong with sharp teeth and bloodshot eyes) creating havoc on the planet. The video then takes the viewer back in time to the present (2007 AD) and shows the origin of the Germosaurus. It turns out that the monstrous Germosaurus actually originated in the mouth of a young man who was eating a sandwich in a coffee shop. The 'viral video' says in the end, ‘Don’t Play God to a New Species, Get a Dental Checkup Instead.

According to Seth Godin, for a viral idea to spread, it needs to be sent and received.

No one "sends" an idea unless:
a. they understand it
b. they want it to spread
c. they believe that spreading it will enhance their power (reputation, income, friendships) or their peace of mind
d. the effort necessary to send the idea is less than the benefits

No one "gets" an idea unless:
a. the first impression demands further investigation
b. they already understand the foundation ideas necessary to get the new idea
c. they trust or respect the sender enough to invest the time

The Attack of the Germosaurus is a viral video that most people won't understand and want to spread. Furthermore they won't even 'get' the idea unless someone explains it to them.



Manasa said…
This ad is gross..showing cockroach kinda germs in the sandwich...makes me wanna throw up..bad advertising

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