What B-Schoolers want

B School graduates in India overwhelmingly seem to prefer embarking on entrepreneurial ventures over fat pay checks from MNC recruiters. Goes to show how achievement and a sense of professional satisfaction override money as a key consideration while building professional careers.

ET reports that Inspired by the Narayana Murthys and LN Mittals, Indian MBA students are willing to forgo fat salaries and overseas postings in pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams. An overwhelming, 82% of B-school students of the final year batch, are considering to turn entrepreneur sooner or later. Only 14% amongst them don’t have entrepreneurship on their minds. Little surprise then, most students in the campuses see self-made business tycoons like Murthy and Mittal as their top business icons.

In a first-ever study of career aspirations of the country’s elite MBA commissioned by Teamlease-MBAUniverse.com, 34% students voted Infosys co-founder, Murthy as their No. 1 icon followed by Ratan Tata and LN Mittal with 24% and 16% votes, respectively. Reliance Industries’ Mukesh Ambani, Pepsico’s Indra Nooyi and Wipro’s Azim Premji were others that found ardent admirers in Indian B-schools. Industry sees this attitudinal change as a big milestone.


Extremely true- this attitudinal change is pretty much revved up by the new generation crop. Kids are way more exposed these days. Ya have tiny superstars shining like stars on reality showz. Everyone wants to carve their niche, and everyone wants their name to be a household brand. Its the 'Im wat I'm ' attitude that echoes through and through. Individuality, creativity and a sense of self confidence glorifies youth of today.
We will go a long way and the Industry will boom, in not just the traditional segments but also in entirely new-gen business lines.
Ray Titus said…
Agree...Also its pretty much linked to the fact the bouquet of choices have multiplied.

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