Anbumani and brand images

Just as brands need to be consistent with their 'image', so must people who intend to project a certain image about themselves. At times, brands 'shoot themselves', engaging in acts that dent their cultivated image. The anti-establishment persona that Apple had cultivated got it a cult like following. But their 'price cut' effected in a mere 6o days had their image taking a beating.

At certain times, people too do just that. And their image too takes a beating. Take Anbumani Ramadoss, for example. He joins the long list of high profile people who 'shoot themselves in the foot'. His latest remark on 'Bihar Doctors' has created an uproar, where else, but Bihar. After taking on the AIIMS director, bringing in compulsory rural posting for medical students, he was on the path of cultivating an image as a 'reformer', though the press did not take kindly to him. His latest gaffe will only add numbers to his growing detractors. At such times, it makes sense to lay low. Keep that mouth shut!


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