Baba vs. Dada

Trying times have crossed both Sourav dada and Sanju baba. Though the trying circumstances that baba found himself in was vastly different and definitely graver than what dada faced, what's interesting to note is the way both have reacted.

Baba first. Baba, before his conviction, made quite a few trips to various religious places, offered many a prayers wherever and whenever possible. All of that did not quite come to his rescue. In fact it was a very nervous, downcast baba who faced the judge. On reading out the verdict and seeing baba tremble, the judge had to ask baba to compose himself, reminding him that he was a good actor and could always come back to his profession after his jail term.

Now, baba through his latest successful flick, which centred around Gandhigiri, has endeared himself to many Indians. Yet the way he faced his trial is not something for which he would be remembered or feted. He showed all of us that he is truly mortal.

Contrast this with what dada did. After being dropped in the most controversial of circumstances, the last thing you saw was dada going around offering prayers. It was even difficult for journalists to get a controversial sound bite. All dada said was that he would be back. And back he did come, that too with a bang. With his recent Test Century in front of an adoring Kolkata crowd, dada, has assigned himself into the annals of cricket history as having made the gutsiest of comebacks. Again, no arrogant sound bites, just expressions of determination and deserved exhilaration. Though dada would never reach the status baba has reached among the Indian public, dada has shown what legends are made of. And that guarantees dada an iconic status.


Manasa said…
The religious trips def remind me of all the pujas that our ex-cm performed(I guess this applies to most of the Karnataka politicians)..They did surely make him the CM, even if only for a week.. What all people use the God for!!!!
Aru said…
Poetic justice for Baba and Dada.What stands out is human spirit,grit,humility and faith in the "Supreme Being".What comes around goes around!
Sandy said…
its cliche'....but still as they say.."form is temperory,but class is permanent"..

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