Brand Racism?

'After the Arcelor success and many such examples, the world of investment may have turned a colour blind eye but the world of luxury goods hasn’t. Their view of India may still be fraught with snake charmers, beggars and despondency. So, whether it’s a luxury hotel, car or Scotch whisky, it’s easy to find a ‘brand logic’ to deny an Indian takeover. In the world of brands, perception rules. But whose perception? The users or the owners of the brand?'

- Partha Sinha

'If there was brand racism, Indian tractors would not have been cleaning debris after Hurricane Katrina. Worldwide, customers are beginning to buy the best value propositions irrespective of where they come from, and shareholders will vote for the best deals, irrespective of who is behind them. Surely, Indian companies will not be raising the kind of money they do in the LSE, NYSE or NASDAQ, if there was brand racism. If an Indian company doesn’t make the cut, it is probably because it didn’t offer the best deal; or couldn’t craft the best combination of people, technology, price, service and infrastructure.'

- Mythili Chandrasekar

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