Does the 'esteem lure' work?

When the portal EliteIndian lures me with a line, 'As a member of this club, you will find yourself among elite professionals from top companies in every industry, be it IT, ITES, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Trading, Telecom or Retail', I stop in my tracks and think.

In fact the 'copy' of the lure is written so well it even gets me to investigate. But in the end, for the moment, I don't 'fall'. The reason? The link, 'view all memberships' gets me to see profiles that I don't believe are 'elite Indians' at all.

Just so you know, I ain't one too. Its just that 'networking' is not my cuppa tea.

Increasingly marketers are finding that the best way to get users to respond their products and services online, is by letting them initiate the dialogue. The more the marketers bombard users with messages, the more they are ignored. According to an HBS working paper to be published in the Journal of Interactive Marketing, consumers are now using technology to learn about marketers, rather than the other way around.

While product consumers use sites such as eBay, YouTube, and Facebook to gather information and share opinions on how they spend their money, an entirely new marketing philosophy is called for, one in which the marketer no longer controls the message.

Read what HBS professor John Deighton and Leora Kornfeld, research director of Canada's Mobile MUSE Consortium have to say on the 'The New Rule in Advertising' here.


Sandy said…
True that marketers are finding it ever more difficult to sell a product or service by bombarding the consumer with messages. These days there is so much of clutter that to break through them is the challenge.
Initiating a dialogue wherein consumers themselves can comment on subjects seems to be an easier method to draw attention towards a service. eg: Nelka rent-a-car in Costa Rica
Also advertisers are now using different technologies and devices to garner attention.For instance for a Paranormal serial to be aired on a foreign channel, a hypersonic sound device was placed above the billboard featuring the ad about the serial. This device emanates a sound wave which resonates when it hits any surface,thereby when you walk past the billboard you seem to hear voices in your head!!
Intrusive? well, thats for the punditsto decide, but i'd say one helluva way to drive viewership!
New media and even stunt advertisements are making a lot of headway.

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