Adding value at Zero costs

Though I make it point to thank the billing clerk and the store personnel who bag and tag my purchases at a grocery retail store, I have never and I mean never, been thanked in return for having patronised that retail store. Though most people may not notice the lack of a 'thank you for visiting our store', most will REMEMBER if they are thanked.

Now that's a simple way of adding value to a consumer's shopping experience. This little act makes great sense when its done at a mass consumer oriented retail store 'cos this added 'value', comes at zero costs to the operations. Not having added costs is critical especially whilst in the pursuit of a Cost leadership strategy; ie., how can one enhance value with no increase in costs.

The easiest way to enhance shopper value at mass consumer stores is by ensuring a memorable experience every time there is a shop floor personnel - customer contact, though they may be few and far in between.


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