Advertising expenditure during recession

In fact, forecasters disagree about advertising spending in 2008. UBS, a bank, predicts that expenditure on ads will increase by 5%, whereas Goldman Sachs, a rival, forecasts that it will decline by as much as 5%. Most, however, agree on one thing: underlying growth in ad spending will come mainly from emerging economies and from advertising on the internet. Emerging markets now represent one-fifth of global expenditure on advertising, and are contributing ever greater sums. The price of ad-space has risen quickly in some emerging markets, such as Russia and China, and growth is slowing there. Even so, ZenithOptimedia expects developing countries will add $50 billion in new ad-spending in the next three years whereas developed markets will add only $38 billion—the first time that emerging markets have come out top over such a period.

- 'Hard Sell', Economist


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