Consumer evaluations

AOL India's latest 'There's a bit of me in AOL mail' campaign has potential to catch the fancy of the 'youth segment' in India. Now this particular segment has through Orkut memberships demonstrated how they take to networks that help them socialise without having to come face to face with the 'other' person. In fact most profiles reveal detailed characteristics about the people within these networks. Note that, for the youth most things are about them, and them only.

In such a scenario an e-mail account that offers personalised interfaces may catch their fancy. Though, not so for people who are older and for whom the account is used for its functional benefit, that is, communication.

The older one gets, the greater are evaluations based on functional parameters. For the ones 'blessed' with youth, evaluations are driven primarily by emotional (psychological) parameters. Which is why the personalised, 'one click colour change' mail account may just work.


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