'Honour' in cricket

'It is tragic that the significance of the boisterous assertion of swabhiman (self-esteem) by India's cricketosphere isn't understood by our political class. Caught in a time warp, many of those who made policy pronouncements at the Pravasi Bharatiya Sammelan didn't realise the changed equations between India and its diaspora.'

- Swapan Dasgupta, 'India arrives'

'My question is: Does 'national honor' get violated only by outside agencies? Does it have an entity, let alone champions, when it gets kicked around by our own guys? Forget the year-round humiliations of everyone beyond the gilded gates of India Swaggering. Just look at what kept happening throughout the very days when this cricket-sicket triggered all that the jingoistic barrel-thumping. Across the country women of all stripes kept being attacked by packs of wild dogs', not Ponting's, but wholly Indian.'

- Bachi Karkaria, 'National honour' and other disgraces


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