How to get customers to buy more

Getting customers into their stores may be not be easy for retailers. But what they can and must do is ensuring that once the customer is in, to get him to buy MORE.

Jeffrey Strain's article 'Six Ways Stores Trick You Into Spending More' is aimed at getting buyers to be careful about 'overspending' in stores. But it also is a pointer to what retailers must do to get buyers to increase their 'spend' once inside their stores.

Buyers end up spending more if retailers -
  1. Offer Double Discounts

  2. Price items at $9.99 vs. $10

  3. Offer 'Three for $9.99'

  4. Offer 'Buy one, get one free'

  5. Run a 'sale' that doesn't actually mean discount prices

  6. Put things at eye level


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