India - Fast food nation?

India is among the top 10 most frequent consumers of fast food in the world. The top 50 percent consume 80 per cent fast food in a market that is Rs. 40,000 crore-strong and growing at a robust 40 percent annually.

Over 100 million spend close to $1 billion (Rs. 4000 crore) annually on fast food. No wonder global chains are re-inventing themselves and expanding networks in India. If McDonald's offers McAloo Tikka, at Pizza Hut it is chicken tikka masala toppings. If KFC plans 1000 restaurants by 2014, Subway is gearing up to invest over $40 million. Home grown chains like Pizza Corner, Nirulas and Haldiram's and Not Just Paranthas are also growing in strength.

Source : India Today


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Amazing facts stated in the mag. Why cant we have a fast food chain of our own? For instance, why cant we have a fast food chain serving paani poori, samosas, etc. - on a large scale? Is the competition so high that one wouldnot be able to survive in the marker having local vendors for the same?

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