The Indian Male, south n' north of the Vindhyas

So, what then makes a South Indian? In a Kerala small town, the Mallu is direct and vocal with his needs. But outside the state, he's polished, urbane.... "That's just how men are—regardless of geography, caste, colour or culture. See a smart, sexy woman and most men would love to leer or better still, strike it lucky. Guys in the big cities just mask it better,"

- Divya Sreedharan, 'Arriving...Madras Male'

'Nothing is lost in translation. The pursuit of women, animals and biceps, the convenience of arranged marriages, the insecurities of men and the frailties of women...the talk moves in loops and lurches, but is moored around the idea of virility and machismo.'

- Shefalee Vasudev, 'India Da Jones '

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