Know the 'Indian Male'

Consumption Habits -
  • 37 percent describe themselves as highly materialistic; Chennai records a high of 69 percent

  • 49 percent men are highly price conscious; Delhi exceeds the average at 63 percent

  • 50 percent men in North India would like to be rich enough to buy anything they want

  • 42 percent men are highly brand conscious; Chennai beats other cities at 71 percent

Social Instincts -

  • 75 percent men cannot say what level of support they can expect from children

  • 56 percent men believe arranged marriages are the best

  • 50 percent men believe women should stay at home

  • 42 percent 55 year+ don't know what they will do after retirement

Workplace Worries -

  • 63 percent men said money is the most important criterion in choosing their employer

  • 63 percent men measure their success by the kind of career they have

  • 64 percent married men worry about job security; 9 percent worry about their physical appearance

  • 80 percent men in North India believe hard work is no guarantee for success

Ref : BT-MaRS Survey


Sandy said…
I don't know if this research was some kind of dip stick study.But the point I am trying to raise here with these figures is this..

Be it any research by any magazine, how can we arrive at a figure for different consumption habits, or be it anything when the sampling is a mere 1000 or 2000 people.Does it really reflect the actual market condition?
For instance, after the Sydney test fiasco,the poll which said majority of Australians thought that their team was arrogant and needs to behave more dignified;total sample size was 2000!
So I always tend to look at these figures a little skeptically.

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