The mood of the nation - paradox or plain confused?

The ICMR-TSI India survey does a good job in revealing to us the mood of the nation. But then, is this 'mood' a pointer to the paradox that is India or a reflection of how confused the respondent is?

To a question on who India's worst politician is, an overwhelming 60% say Narendra Modi. Yet when it comes to responding to a question on which party has got the best political policies, majority point to the NDA. When asked whether Dalits are being victimised, almost 1 in 2 say yes. But when posed with a question on whether 'reservations' should be increased or extended to the private sector, 1 in 2 say no.

Now I agree that people who think Dalits are victimised don't necessarily have to look at reservations as the solution to that victimisation. Yet the point is, research surveys in most cases, reveal answers which don't truly represent people's mindsets, instead illustrate 'politically correct' stances taken.

Or in many other cases, respondents give an 'apt' answer and not the 'honest' one.


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