'Orderly chaos' in India

For all those concerned, including the elitist greens, about the lack of infrastructure to support the flood of Tata Nanos expected, don't be too worked up.

Indian systems, infrastructure included, are great examples of what is known as 'orderly chaos'. Nothing is ever planned. Systems have in most cases never been designed. Instead they have emerged out of the chaos that ensues once an act is put into motion. The 'order' that emerges is thanks to nobody.

Systems that you encounter, whether social, political or business have all, more or less, been conjured amidst the chaos. This will continue for the Nanos' impact too. Infrastructure will develop along the way. The access to cheap private transport will result in habitations moving to far flung areas. That will automatically reduce congestion. Business concerns will then set up on the outskirts with townships around them.

All this will happen 'on its own'. The miracle that is India!


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