Retail shopfloor service & repeat store patronage

Vidooshak raises the issue of 'inept shop floor personnel' that is a major put-off for most in-store customers.

The issue raises a few uncomfortable questions that every retail firm must ask itself. Do the front line staff lack training or is it case of lack of motivation? Lack of supervision, perhaps? Or maybe its an attitudinal problem? Whatever the reason, the end result is loss of customers. The worst thing that can happen to a retail outfit is getting people into the store and then not doing well enough to keep them coming back.

JR Katzenbach and JA Santamaria in their work on front line employees titled, 'Firing up the Front Line' indicate as to why these employees commit themselves to the organisation. They state the reasons as,

  1. They (front line employees) are proud of the organisation's aspirations, accomplishments, and legacy; they share its values

  2. They know what each person is expected to do, how performance is measured, and why it matters

  3. They are in control of their own destinies; they savour the high-risk, high-reward work environment

  4. They are recognised mostly for the quality of their individual performance

  5. They have fun and enjoy the supportive and highly interactive environment

Now these are lessons Indian retailers can learn in managing their most critical workforce.


Sandy said…
you have a valid point here. but then the bigger question is, in a retail outlet, most if not all of them are generally temperory employees.
Realistically i dont think motivation and pride in the legacy or accomplishments of the company, are instilled or even present in these frontline employees.
Maybe this is something companies need to walk or work around.

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