Should consumers care for societal good?

Frankly I don't know.

But what I do know is that, preaching to them about why they must be concerned about the larger good of society must stop. Especially when this preaching emanates from those already living in the lap of luxury. Remember Al Gore and the enormous carbon footprints that he's already left behind.

The latest controversy that may erupt in India is about whether the Tata 1 lakh car would meet environmental norms and requirements. For a moment, lets assume that it doesn't, to the extent required by the 'Al Gore types'. Should the consumer then not buy this vehicle?

Remember, India is not the USA. A sea of humanity here just struggles to survive. Dr. BVK raises a pertinent point when he says that, 'the car (1 lakh car) could change many things for the better in India: we may no longer have to see an entire family riding precariously on a two-wheeler. Competition would be forced to lower prices too and this would ultimately benefit customers.'

Lets once again consider the initial question posed. Should consumers care for society? Maybe they should, but I bet they tend to care for themselves before they care for society. And they are justified in doing that, as they are in the end a part of that very same society. Altruism cannot flow from the bellies of the unfed and the insecure. Therefore it will be a long way before consumers in India, especially the mass, care for environmental issues the way Al Gore does.

By the way, why do I always get the feeling that most (I admit, there are exceptions) societal issue are raked up by the comfortable entrenched, who have nothing better to do?


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