What brands can learn from 'American Idol'

The American Idol continues to be a huge draw because it gets two things right.

One, it gets people in hordes to buy into the feeling that this is their genuine chance of glory. Doesn't matter what they sound like when they sing. They still would like to give it a shot. The rest of the world joins in the highs and lows of the journey that contestants take.

Two, the program draws extreme reactions. Either you hate it or love it. Either way, you watch it.

The lesson for brands? One, Get consumers to genuinely buy into whatever it is that the brand offers. Maybe its a chance to 'look like a princess', maybe its about making 'life that much easier to live'.

Two, get consumers to love you or hate you. Neutral attitudes are dangerous. The brand gets ignored. The ones that love you, buy you. The ones that hate, spread the word, some even buy. Don't be too bothered about that 'cos the listeners may get curious enough to try the brand and maybe even turn loyal buyers, if you get the first lesson right.


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