The 'woman paradox'

..Is there a paradox here? That traditional families are able to embrace education and professions for their daughters, yet won’t allow them to marry men they meet in college or at the workplace? Perhaps not, once you start exploring why these opportunities are being made available to women. I doubt if parents are educating their daughters in order to enable them to make informed choices about their lives. I rather suspect education is being equated with giving young women a ‘good finish’, to improve their prospects in the marriage market..

Manju Kapur, 'Embers flicker'.


Unknown said…
Yes,well said.Parents educate their daughters not to enable them with independent and analytical thinking.Instead they provide education to their daughters so that they can be married to a highly educated and heavy earning man.
Unknown said…
Every hour, 18 women face brutalities in India!!!

Every hour that ticks by in India inflicts more brutality on women, with two rapes, two kidnappings, four molestations and seven incidents of cruelty from husbands and relatives, reveal the latest national crime statistics by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

Ray Titus said…
Vibhor...agree totally...
Check this out -

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