Down, but not out!

Sandeep, Mitali (hey, thanks for the 'fav' bit), Geetika, Naveen, Manu....all the others...

Thanks for dropping by. Will respond soon.

Am down with a bout of fever...lessons am learning?
  1. At the risk of sounding cliched..., enjoy good health. Its the best thing you have and be thankful.

  2. Dont pride in your body (sense is so much better), its just a lowly micro organism that can waste you.

  3. When you get sick, stay away. What's worse than you being sick is having a home full of sick people 'cause of you.

  4. While sick keep your grey cells ticking. Read.

  5. Pray.

Down, but not out. Will be back soon.



Hi Sir,

Get well soon.

Marketing class too missing u 4 Retail Marketing.

Sandy said…
When sick, Do as the sick usually do.."Wear Sunscreen"
Check out.."Everybody's free to wear sunscreen"-Baz Luhrmann

Sandy said…
Sorry to be barging in again...but could you tell me a little about "EmbroidMe" it something on the same lines of "".
Its seems like a wonderful opportunity.
Unknown said…
sir get well soon,,

I got another research topic waiting for your dismissal! :)
Eve said…
gr8. i stumble upon you and then you fall sick...:) will pray for your health.u'll be fine soon. take care till then.
Ray Titus said…
Will be back on, Monday onwards...thanks for the wishes...

Anita...maybe this one's worth it...

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