High Performance Learning Institutions

'On the other hand, high performing colleges exhibit a dynamic, proactive, integrated set of perception determinants no matter their size, context, culture, or location. Here are the perception lenses that distinguish high performing colleges from mediocre institutions: opportunity actors rather than crisis reactors; change creators rather than stability protectors; emphasis on interactive relationships rather than individual turfs; feedback learning systems rather than hierarchical protectorates; use education centered technology rather than high tech gimmicks; strategic positioners based on imagination rather than strategic planners mired in memory; sophisticatedly interdependent rather than dogmatically independent; measurement performers rather than rhetorical cheerleaders; market sensitive rather than economically indifferent; and, finally, emphasize student needs rather than faculty convenience.'

- Ronald J Stupak; 'Perception Managment : An active strategy for marketing and delivering academic excellence, business sophistication, and communication Success'


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