Management in a Classroom

'The real danger in all this is that the students learn to count, to analyze, and to imitate but are not encouraged to think for themselves. If the schools really are preparing the future leaders of the business world, this is a serious drawback.'

- Charles Handy, 'You Can't Learn Management in a Classroom'.

( Thank you, Bikram)


Sandy said…
This is "strictly a personal opinion".
I have always wondered if all the theory on marketing,consumer behaviour,advertising etc taught in classrooms really makes any sense in the real world??
In my view I think all management courses must be only case studies and examples.The theory "MAY" be used as a checklist or guideline for something.
For anyone else reading this, I wouldn't say I am proud of what I did, maybe I did miss a couple of things here and there;however I passed out about 2 years ago and made it a point to strictly attend only Mr Titus' classes. He was a facilitator rather than the rest who I thought imposed or imparted.He was able to get us to think.

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