Non still beverages fizz ahead

ET reports that Sprite, Coca-Cola's lime-lemon beverage, has emerged as India's fastest-growing fizzy beverage, ahead of colas, non-cola carbs and juices.

According to beverage industry figures, Sprite grew at a record 20% last year, even as the total cola category sales averaged growth of 4%. The year saw Sprite grab market share in excess of 10% of the entire sparkling beverage industry — estimated at about Rs 7,000 crore. Non-cola carbs, on the other hand, grew 8.2% during the year. Coca-Cola's lime-based beverages Sprite and Limca and orange drink Fanta, and rival PepsiCo's lime drinks 7-Up, Mountain Dew and Mirinda fall in this category. Juices, meanwhile, grew 5.7%.


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