Racism & Monkey Business

'However, we now have a judicial pronouncement -- based on no-doubt reliable evidence provided by some of the greatest cricketers in the world -- that what Harbhajan said was not, in fact, 'monkey' but the evidently less ambiguous "teri maa ki..." -- referring to the intimate anatomy of Symonds' mother. Those who saw excerpts of Judge Hansen's judgement broadcast on television will appreciate the extraordinary, if unintended, humour of the situation, as the judge ponderously analysed, in pronounced Australian accent, the nuances and implications of "terrymayky" (the transliteration does little justice to the actual comedy). Ironically, Harbhajan's mother is reported to have greeted the news that her son had merely denigrated Symonds mother, and had not, in fact, (The horror! The horror!) called him a monkey, with great relief, observing solemnly that this was a "triumph of truth".'


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