Why are brand fanatics, fanatic?

Though the 'complex' explanation seems to carry greater weight, the real answer is always, almost is as simple as the... .

Take Manish and Raghu's explanation of 'what makes a Harley Davidson or Apple user develop the kind of intense quasi-mystical belief in his brand that makes Queen Alexandra’s devotion to Rasputin seem like a schoolgirl crush in comparison?'

Their answer almost borders on complex gibberish. They state, 'It probably comes from the philosophy of the creators of the brand who—somewhere deep down—want their customers to be, not just “satisfied” but, as successful and as self-realized as they themselves are.'

My 'complex' take?

Actually its simple. Consumers buy cause they fulfill an unfulfilled need. At times they are aware of this unfulfilled need. At times they are not. When the 'dude' buys a Harley, he fulfills his desire to project or preserve an image of being 'macho'. Thats exactly why he sports the tattoo, dons the leather jacket, rides out to bars or wherever...

The Apple buyer could buy because he looks for a superior hardware piece considering the kind of tech. work he engages in. In addition he may also want to cock a snook at the establishment, in this case, symbolised by the big daddy, Microsoft, and sport rebellion through his purchase of an Apple hardware piece.

I can't for the life of me figure out where 'self-realisation' comes in when the above mentioned consumers engage in their purchases. I guess what I was talking about was the purchase of the brand. Now comes Loyalty. Why are these consumer loyal? Simple again. 'Cos there aint any other brand around that delivers on fulfilling 'psychological needs' the way the Apples and the Harleys do.

What's more rebellious than being an Apple fanatic? What's more macho than driving a Harley?

There,...you have your answers. Pretty simple, huh?


Sandy said…
I cannot help, but post a comment on this...I work for Contract Advertising myself..anyway i stand by your "complex" view which I think is the simplest answer or probably simplest viewpoint to the above discussion.
Ray Titus said…

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