The fulfillment that Marketing brings

Its raining cats and dogs in Kerala.

Despite the rain, its fascinating to see people go to extreme lengths of self inflicted pain to pay obeisance to their gods. And this happens across all religions. I guess to the converted its their unique way of worship. And I respect that. But it also points to man's desire to seek fulfillment to issues that I guess remain unfulfilled for the moment. Its a desire to betterment in their lives.

Now that in a way is good news for marketers. I mean the unfulfilled lives. 'Cos in the end products and services also promise to better lives. In fact they must promise, and deliver on that promise. That gets them to be bought by consumers.

Also remember, the fulfillment men seek in all probability may never come to pass, as a fulfilled need is almost always replaced by a higher order unfulfilled one.

That's what keeps marketers in business forever. Cheers to that!

Will be back in Bangalore in a week. Will post regularly, then.


Benosh Haris said…
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Benosh Haris said…
From the date of your blog it gets obvious that you were in Kerala during the Easter weekend. So I thought I will pay reverence to a different god from Kerala which draws parallels with the kind of worship that’s mentioned. Needless to say it’s the Kerala State beverages corporation where transient gods takes many forms.
This Easter week end (as is in any other weekend)I saw people braving the rains ( without umbrellas) to stand in an orderly fashion ( Order! in Gods own country!!!) just to meet their god for the day. Self inflicted pain or is it for that instant nirvana – Debatable
Betterment of life – NAHH but its good news for Vajay mallaya and others. ( Mallaya should create a team called  Thripunithara adipolis or Kerala Othenans for IPL  as a gesture of Keralites support to his core business. Needless to say the investment will be made back on sales every time the team plays)
Thought I will pepper it with some statistics
A Kerala State Beverages Corporation (KSBC) spokesperson said 1.9 million cases of beer and 5.9 million cases of Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) had sold from April to October this year
Most people in Kerala do not consider drinking beer a taboo any longer
The sales may go up till Rs.250 million only on Dec 24 and 25. Last year the sales on the corresponding dates were Rs.200 million
.In a letter addressed to the almost 95,000 families in his archdiocese, Cardinal Vithayathil, the head of the Syro Malabar Church, said he regretted that alcohol consumption had become vital part of all Christian celebrations, whether Christmas, Easter or family occasions. But no one seems to have paid heed to his plea Total liquor sales went up from 8.6 million cases last November to 9.4 million cases this year and beer sales also went up from 2.8 million cases to 3.5 million cases

·         A study has shown that 72 percent of the 42,365 road accidents in the state this year were because of drunken driving. Domestic violence induced by alcoholism is also on the rise in the state.
The state of Kerala stands first in per capita consumption of liquor at 8.3 litres, followed by Punjab 7.9 litres.
One silver lining… Kerala, apart from the highest literacy levels, best health system and longevity comparable to many developed countries and a higher standard of living than states in India, now has the highest per capita consumption of alcohol. Kerala beats Punjab by .4 Liters of alcohol per person per year.
Now where is the gup for that effort.

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