Pitch a sale when the customer intiates an engagament

Back in Bangalore.

I lost an important government document the other day and so had to reapply for the same. That got me over to the office of a private Financial services provider who takes such reapplication requests. The response to my request for the reapplication form was entertained and they explained what documents I would need to furnish to reapply.

They were polite and efficient. But what struck me was that never during this engagement did they try and sell their financial services to me. Here was I seeking their help, in a frame of mind where their services were providing me with much relief regarding the lost document. Now that's a perfect frame of mind to try and see if I would respond to their sales pitch. But they never pitched.

I am sure this very same company must be spending quite some resources in employing tele callers to interrupt people with their sales pitches. Most of those pitches are sure to be met with irritation, at the interruption.

Its important for marketers to seize opportunities where the prospect initiates the engagement thus creating an extremely fertile ground for sales pitches. Losing on such opportunities is a cardinal sales sin.


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