Uber Customisation; Old wine, new bottle?

If 'Uber-customisation' is, as reported, 'The consumer walks into a select store, states size, select from a collection of fabrics in the store as well as the design. The tailored shirt is then delivered at his doorstep in a couple of days', I have a slight problem.

When I was young, the term used to describe the business firm behind the act mentioned above was a 'tailoring shop'. I guess now nomenclatures have changed. I gotta be in touch with the times. And so I can call it 'uber-customisation' and firm behind the act this time around is Hyderabad-based Zerostock Retail.

Yes, I admit there is difference between 'uber-customization' and 'tailoring'. The former allows you to pick the fabric from the 'store' and the finished garment is delivered at your door step. I remember, in the past, the tailor required you to bring the dress material with you, and you had to go to him to collect the finished garment.

Is such 'uber-customisation' relevant to the customer? Zerostock Retail, which is behind this concept, expects that cost savings from such a business would bring down prices of premium brands by as much as 30%. Zerostock, currently uses elements of the click-and-mortar model to deliver this novel shopping experience. It also calls such a business model is not as much about lower cost of operations but an innovation in retail.

Far fetched? Let the consumer decide.


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