Bangalore Royal Challengers...'Risin up'..Did I miss something?

The other day I commented on how inappropriate a soundtrack was for a Strategy presentation made by my students.

But this one beats it. The classic Rocky movie 'Eye of Tiger' (Survivor) soundtrack featured on the Bangalore Royal Challengers website. Wonder if the agency behind the site knows what the song is about?

'Risin' up, back on the street; Did my time, took my chances; Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet; Just a man and his will to survive

So many times, it happens too fast; You change your passion for glory; Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past; You must fight just to keep them alive'

For a team that's not even played a match, 'Risin' up, back on the street' is a long way off.

What say you?


Prem said…
Hello Ray sir,

Prem, from the 2004-06 CIM batch, jus found your blog wen searching for artilces on consumer behavior.Im currently workign as a consultant for Capgemini consulting services.

ur right the song doesnt make any sense, guess it was a cost cutting measure and were not willig to hire a composer:-)i feel it wil take sometime for the audience in India to get patriotic abt their cities as its the case with teams like lakers, suns or in EPL. whts ur opinion on tht??
Ray Titus said…
Hi Prem,

The 'patriotic' angle is where the success of this format hinges...its a million dollar question..will it come through ?

Thank you for your response...drop into college when you are around here...would enjoy that.

Prem said…
Sure wil drop by wen im in bglore..after reading one, i jus dug up all ur blogs..makes a pretty interesting was a pleasure reading gyans from ur side..been a long time :-)Keep goign with this good work sir..

Ray Titus said…
Thanks...will keep the 'gyan' going and in check at times... :)
Sandy said…
Well I have a different take on the topic of discussion...

You are right about a soundtrack when your students are making a Strategy presentation.Thats a strict NO NO!!!!
Firstly I am not so sure if its the "patriotic" angle that IPL really hinges on.
I had the opportunity of meeting with Rahul Dravid for a photo shoot and promptly took up the case of IPL and its success. He was of the opinion that for a tournament spanning across 58 matches in 44 days,the interests of the spectators are of paramount value.
His view is that spectator facilities such as toilet facilities,logistics (most matches are held after 8pm)need to be improved for people to be coming back to watch the matches over and over again.
Dravid's view is that unless the whole spectacle generates total entertainment('coz at the end of the day a T20 match is all about pure entertainment)it probably will die a slow death, fast.

Coming back to the lyrics..
True the lyrics of the song do not match with the context here.
However I think where the agency is coming from regarding the song, is to add a flavor of passion and optimism.This particular song invigorates the spirit within(atleast thats my personal opinion), is a popular one and can be hummed to as well.
Maybe you are looking at it too subjectively and in someways(a little too cynical).
But then, thats just my personal opinion.

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