Buying the Luxury experience

...Buying an experience originates from two needs. The first is a need to indulge and pamper self with the experiences that makes an individual feel good about self. Buying a expensive Louis Vuitton bag, a Corneliani suit, a special edition Lacoste polo shirt or driving around in a Lamborghini or getting a $1,000 spa treatment at Ananda’s is about pampering self with finer things in life. It’s about reassurance of having arrived and being able to indulge in fine tastes that are nurtured/acquired through constant refinement over time.

Ironically, the second need is a psychological need to project an image. It is a need for a statement to associate with certain brands, certain groups and a certain class. To some dining at a certain place, travelling in a certain car or holidaying at a certain location is all about making that statement of belonging to a group.

Coming to the second category, luxury is about being comfortable with what one is and what one has. It is about freedom to do what one wants! Going out for an outing with family/friends or spending quality time doing what one likes or simply cooking for your kids are luxuries which do not have a price tag but provide the most luxurious satisfaction of all...

- Vikas Gupta; 'Service is critical to the entire experience of a luxury brand'


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