Capitalism's protean prowess

'Obviously, being ahead or having gotten a head start counts for not a lot within America's little corner of the Capitalist world. But the parallel fact that everywhere the capitalist corporations, as a group are widening their lead over their lagging imitators in the non capitalist world is extraordinarily significant. It means that being capitalistic gives them a genetic edge. Capitalism simply works better, and anybody who argues the opposite does just that. He argues. He simply doesn't have the facts.

One of the most interesting of these facts is that those who seek to catch up with the more advanced and achieving institution of our times invariably seek to do it by some sort of selective imitation of the modern capitalist corporations. ("We'll take your best and ignore the rest") Traffic in the opposite direction is negligible or non existent. Nothing could be more unmistakeably powerful. Nothing is more flattering to Capitalism's protean prowess.'

- Theodore Levitt; 'The Marketing Imagination'


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