The challenge in managing Global Brands

'But the real challenge lies elsewhere. Important as it is to grasp the range of meanings that lie embedded in these brands, the real need is to find new connections between these brands and the consumers of today. This requires a deep almost visceral grasp of what are the new configurations of articulated expectations and unarticulated needs of today. And from this understanding to evolve a possible trajectory of change wherein the old set of meanings are recast or reframed in order to create something that is both familiar and new.

If this seems like a complex task, that is because it is. Managing global brands requires us to have a point of view about the world and the people who populate it. It is about creating meaning, for that is what brands do, of a kind that is believable and valuable. At a more functional level, It is about making calls that involve judgement about soft issues — what will work and what will not, where extra investment is warranted and where it is not and what change is good and what must not be changed.'

- Santosh Desai, 'Managing Global Brands'.


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