'Free Spirit' - Brand names evoke feelings

Sabeer Bhatia's Arzoo was doomed right from the time he named the venture 'Arzoo'. You see, the right names make a lot of difference.

Axis Bank sounds and feels much better than UTI. Names instantly result in associations in the listener's mind. Those associations must reinforce what the brand stands for.

Yukti walked into my office, her nails painted 'red'. She doesn't call the colour, red, she uses the term Lakme' gave the nail paint. Lakme christened the nail paint, 'Free Spirit'. Yukti refers to her painted nail colour as 'free spirit'. She likes 'free spirit' better than 'red', and she feels great wearing them.

Now, there's a lesson there.

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Sandy said…
Probably Sabeer Bhatia named his idea after his kid!

Either way I agree with you that the "Name" makes a big difference.
For instance, when I saw the advert for LG's new camera phone -it said 5 Mega pixel, and oh so many things. I was like,well now we truly can have two great things with one buy:camera and phone. But then came the spoiler...VIEWTY !!!
I'd say the name is Shitty.
Ray Titus said…
'Viewty', I agree is s*%##* :)

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