Katrina Kaif and the laws of positioning

Maybe I am out of touch with how well received Bollywood is, in the state of Karnataka. Its obvious, 'cos I don't watch Hindi movies.

In spite of that, I wonder what's the wisdom behind having Katrina Kaif as the face of Vijay Mallya's Bangalore IPL cricket team. As Saurabh points out, taking the generic route (read Katrina Kaif appealing to everyone, hey, me not included) isn't a smart idea. In fact let me add the marketing funda to it. Its the classic 'everything to everyone' mistake. As Ries & Trout say, 'It most likely is a mistake to build a brand by trying to appeal to everyone. A product that seeks to be everything to everyone will end up being nothing to everyone.'

I wonder who Katrina Kaif appeals to? The most likely supporters to the Bangalore IPL team are in the state of Karnataka. Vijay Mallya may as well pray that these probable supporters are besotted by Katrina.

I am not.


SG said…
Hi Prof. Ray,

I think its you and me who are keeping the discussion alive.

Talking about Katrina Kaif, I think they are using her as a star to get attention to the brand. People would stop and see every thing that is endorsed by a brand.

Since Katrina is a recent star, the recency factor is also on her side. People would be able to see her for a distance and would want to see what is she talking about.


P.S.: Next time you are in Mumbai, please drop a word. A coffee and some conversation would be a good idea.
Ray Titus said…

Thank you for your comments...much appreciate it...

No complaints on the use of a movie star. Its the 'choice' of star that I have a problem with. Considering the 'localised' support to the Bangalore team , could a local star have fared better ?

Would definitely enjoy a Coffee rendevous ... will do so, when in Mumbai :)

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