The nightmare that is Hindi cinema

Correction, its not 'all' of Hindi cinema, its 'most' of Hindi cinema. I mean, the nightmare.

Consider the movie 'Cash' for example. Movie critic, Namrata Joshi writes, 'Race is schlock cinema at its best or worst whichever way you choose to describe it and it doesn’t pretend to be anything more. It’s pure junk so stay away if you’re into healthy, wholesome entertainers...

Race is also not about well-constructed plot and plausible situations. It’s just a smart, racy narrative with only one purpose—to titillate and please voyeuristic eyes of the audience. So there are good-looking bodies in ubercool glares and nifty dresses walking slo-mo, low-angle shots of women grooving in minis with miles of bronzed, toned legs, sexy cars, eye-popping stunts and glam locales. Race may well be the flavour of the season like raunchy comedies the last couple of years. But how long will this genre sustain its appeal?'


Sandy said…
I don't know how people from the north might react to this..but I stopped watching Hindi movies ages ago.Its like they keep churning the same crap over and over again.Yet people go to the movies - SEX,MUSIC AND ACTION (staple diet) but it sells!
But is there no end to this??We produce the maximum number of movies in the world, but a handful of them carry plots of some significance.(Mr & Mrs Iyer,Bheja fry to name a few).
Take the movie "Phone booth"; its a brilliant concept,and executed even better.
I think directors and other top fil personalities must take it upon themselves to create films centerd around a "different kinda plot" or "different take on situations". Otherwise sooner than later it might be the end of the line.Or will it ever be?
Ray Titus said…
The numbskullish fare will live on...Add regional cinema to the list that's going the 'dumbing down' path :(

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