Our Hypocrisy

'Hypocrisy is a big issue in most societies, but it’s a particularly problematic one in India.

We believe that “mamatha”—a mother’s affection—is a sacred emotion, and yet unflinchingly inflict horrors upon our women. We take bribes, and then hope to wash away our sins by thrusting thousands down the slit-eyed hundis of our temples. We speak of compassion, but show little for the household help who toil away in our homes. We study “moral science” in our schools (whoever coined that phrase?) and are tested to see if we got the spelling right when we have the essence wrong.

We learn about civics and citizenship, and yet are often asked—and ask ourselves—why we have such a strong sense of family, but such a poor sense of a larger community: How can our homes be so clean, and our streets so littered with garbage?

Clearly, I am generalizing here— there are thousands of Indians who would justifiably take offence at being called hypocrites, and for good reason. But they are a minority in today’s India.'

- Ramesh Ramanathan; 'A nation of hypocrites'.


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