Regional play scores over generic play

Saurabh's take on why IPL teams would be better off with regional play rather than a generic name that appeals to everyone.

  1. Most of the people that see the matches would be from a particular region (Mumbai junta at Mumbai venues) and they would have psychological incentives to see their team winning over others.
  2. Merchandise - I don't think I will spot anyone wearing Chennai shirt in Delhi and so on and so forth.
  3. Examples from County Cricket - Sporting rivalries can be created only when people have strong associations with teams.
  4. And finally that classic Us vs Them debate. We need to give people an anchoring point. They need to feel "us vs them" to be able to support something. Us vs Govt. Us vs Management, Us vs Professors etc.


SG said…
This link also talks about the same thing.

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