The 'cheerleader effect' on Indian Society

'Every society has a vulgarity coefficient beyond which people start bristling. I might think that the cheerleaders are fine human instruments and admire their high kicks. You might think they are sexy sirens who are beyond vulgar. Brazilians might think there is nothing wrong with nudity on the beach. West Asian cultures would arrest you if you show much skin — on the beach or elsewhere.

In a global world with an overdose of information through CNN and other media, many of us are exposed to value systems that cause us to question our own. But social norms and mores are not a figment of a politician’s imagination. There are Indians who live in Coimbatore and Kollam who believe that excessive display of skin is vulgar and might “distract” their young son’s mind from his class X exams. Regardless of what you think, they are entitled to their opinion.'

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Unknown said…
Cheering afterall is the sign of happiness. It is one of the way of expressing the happiness. However, the cheer leaders are doing a gr8 job here in India. It seems people go to statdium not to see the IPL matches but to see rhe cheer leaders.If the match is done well, the spectattor comes out with mindful of happiness.

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