Computers in Cuba and the freedom of choice

Coming from a state where almost one half of the population holds up countries such as Cuba as models of prosperity, I wonder how my brethren would react to the news that Cuba has just put the first computers on sale for the public.

I remember how the communists reacted to the advent of computers in India. They embarked on what they do best, hold states to ransom by imposing what is their favourite pastime, agitations and bandhs.

It is time the citizenry recognised what 'professing socialists' truly want; control our lives by regulating and dictating what we ought to and ought not to buy. Which in other words is, denying me, my freedom of choice. Unimaginable in these ages, yet so true for millions of people languishing in countries where forced socialism rules the roost.


Sandy said…
I think with Castro gone, it was only a matter of "when". I mean, its there for everyone to see, the greatness of a capitalist society. The freedom of choice being the biggest factor.But then it has its pitfalls too, where the bullies come down on the polite ones- as you very rightly said.

However,not to stamp down upon communist or socialist ideas and ideals.Its just that the views and values that Marx formulated dont hold good now. Values and views have not changed with time.Same holds for religion.

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