The Emotional Intelligence of IPL owners

When Charu advocates; 'there should be a seminar of the owners of the IPL teams. There they should be sensitised about what cricket means, what T20 is all about, the kind of personalities the players have, and the kind of adulation and hero-worship they have. They should be told what kind of expectations they can have from the game and the players and their business.';he's based it on the way he has been treated.

Now, that may be a tad unfair to the other IPL team owners. Though some may have found Shah Rukh's histrionics irritating, his 'hands-on motivational style' of engagement is something I have found refreshing. Plus I haven't seen the Jaypee group shriek hoarse, in spite of the Deccan Charger's poor showing.

Lack of sensitivity can never be restricted to a particular event or issue. In fact, generalise that 'lack', to every other sphere of a person's living. So if a class on sensitivity is recommended, don't do it so that an owner can understand cricket better, instead do it, so he understands 'life' better.


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