The Free Trade Paradox

'...the very people who suffer most from free trade are often, paradoxically, among its biggest beneficiaries.

The reason for this is simple: free trade with poorer countries has a huge positive impact on the buying power of middle- and lower-income consumers—a much bigger impact than it does on the buying power of wealthier consumers. The less you make, the bigger the percentage of your spending that goes to manufactured goods—clothes, shoes, and the like—whose prices are often directly affected by free trade. The wealthier you are, the more you tend to spend on services—education, leisure, and so on—that are less subject to competition from abroad.'

James Surowiecki ; 'The Free Trade Paradox'.


Amer said…
I would like to disagree with the word suffer. Comparative advantage lets everyone have a way out. If those people suffer because their industry was affected by Free Trade, then their industry was inefficient to start with.

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